Information technology runs you business. Does it meet your business needs?

IT Advisory Services

Offered as a standalone service for firms that have their own trusted IT provider or internal IT staff, PrecisionIT provides IT Advisory Services to compliment such relationships.  PrecisionIT  IT Advisory Services provide a “second set of eyes” on the day to day administration of support delivery, backup, and DR preparedness as well complement existing relationships by providing insights into the strategic planning process, and management of overall IT costs.  By reporting impartially to senior firm management, PrecisionIT can provide the peace of mind that IT services are being provided in the most effective manner and follow industry best practices.

Our advisory services focus on the following IT Services items:

  • Annual and Long Range IT Financial Planning
  • Ongoing Technology Planning
  • Analysis of Technology Investment Options
  • Third Party Service Provider Review
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • IT Sourcing and Procurement
  • Cloud Computing Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation Analysis