Information technology runs your business. Who’s running your technology?

PrecisionIT provides the IT Services to connect your business to the world of information and knowledge. Whether your systems are in the cloud, on premises, or both, PrecisionIT integrates the solutions that are appropriate for your business, and then we manage those solutions to enhance the productivity of your firm.  PrecisionIT – Technology for your Business.

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Knowledge is Social. It is the interconnections of people and the flow of information that creates the knowledge and builds the modern economy.The success of modern business depends on the flow of information and the creation of knowledge. Throughout history, all successful companies have leveraged the appropriate technology of the day for their businesses.



PrecisionIT is a full-service IT management consultancy for small and mid-sized organizations. By engaging our clients in long-term service relationships, we deliver the full complement of capabilities offered by an internal IT department.  We provide the strategic & financial advice that you would expect from a CIO as well as the full execution capability of IT staff.

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