Information technology runs your business. Do you know if your systems are secure?

IT Security Services

Security and availability of company data should be the foundation of your IT operations.  The dynamic nature of threats requires an ongoing and pro-active approach.  PrecisionIT provides a comprehensive suite of IT Security Services including best practices, corporate policies and procedures, state of the art risk identification, and proven hardware and software solutions to meet the security needs of your firm.  We provide comprehensive security services in the following complimentary categories:

  • Identity and Access Management – Ensuring company resources are properly protected through the use of secure passwords, data access permissions, mobile device management, VPN, and two-factor authentication solutions
  • Data Protection – Ensuring IT resources are protected from loss, corruption, or breach through a comprehensive implementation of backup, antivirus, intrusion detection, and firewall solutions
  • Risk Assessment – Understanding and developing programs and solutions based on routine comprehensive internal and external vulnerably scans and penetration testing
  • Infrastructure Security – Developing and implementing access controls, monitoring, logging, detection, and response mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access while maintaining functional access for employees
  • Security Assurance – Implementing comprehensive plans, processes, procedures, and system architecture to meet the specific legislative or regulatory requirements of your industry such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001
  • Employee Awareness – Ensuring company policy and training programs properly educate employees of the inherent risks involved in the use of technology and how to take an active role in the security of the firm

Working with senior management and internal IT staff through our IT Advisory process, PrecisionIT will help your firm develop a unique IT Security Program that reflects an optimized security posture for your budget.